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Quality Star Ratings and Prices

Guest houses with star ratings are inspected by either the tourist board - enjoyEngland - or the AA and are awarded stars by those authorities.

All other guest houses without star ratings are inspected by the Gatwick Guest House Association and are accepted for membership on the basis of having achieved at least the minimum standard required for entry into one of the above authorities at a one star level.

Within the association there is a wide variety of guest houses with from one to four stars and an equally wide variety of prices*. Therefore, when selecting your choice of guest house, please be aware that both the star rating you select and the price you decide to pay is most likely to reflect the quality and standard of guest house you choose.

Gatwick Guest House Association members are solely responsible for their own advertisement. If guests are not completely satisfied, they should first discuss the matter with the individual member. If there is still a difficulty, they should inform the Association, enjoyEngland or the AA as appropriate.

* Prices are as advised by members for the year commencing January 2012


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